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Regulator Tech Bulletins

Available Tech Bulletins - Regulator

8RL3024 Regulator Change
TSB-1041_regulator_field_service.pdf (196K)
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Replacement of 105-351 (8RL3021) and 105-352 (8RL3022) with 105-396 (8RL3024) regulator

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Carrier 5" Regulator Test
TSB-1140_Carrier_5_IN_Reg_Test_Procedure.pdf (212K)
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Regulator test procedure for the Carrier 5" models.

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MC-615-PAC Troubleshooting
TSB-1058_MC615_PAC_Troubleshooting.pdf (1065K)
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This document provides the technical issues when troubleshooting the MC-615-PAC regulator.

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MC614 Regulator Trouble Shooting Guide
TSB-1059_MC614-Generic_Troubleshooting.pdf (1121K)
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This TSB provides detailed analysis, error code, diagnostic and troubleshooting information for this complex regulator used in no-idle systems. This guide covers the aftermarket version of this product.

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