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8SC2282V - High Output Alternator

  • 3D Photo
    8SC2282V 3D Photo
  • Front Photo
    8SC2282V Front Photo
  • Rear Photo
    8SC2282V Rear Photo
  • Side Photo
    8SC2282V Side Photo
  • Front Dim Drawing
    8SC2282V Front Dim Drawing
  • Rear Dim Drawing
    8SC2282V Rear Dim Drawing
  • Side Dim Drawing
    8SC2282V Side Dim Drawing
  • Output Curve
    8SC2282V Output Curve
  • Wiring Diagram
    8SC2282V Wiring Diagram
Product Specifications
Spec Value
Item number 8SC2282V
Sales number N/A
Series number 8SC/SCJ
Special Note Conditions Of Usage
Warning: Prestolite Products are not approved for Aviation applications!
New, Self Excite/ Lamp/ Debris Screen
Fix circle (Mount): 98.8mm
Fix circle (Adjuster): 108mm
Bracket angle - 0°
Cut in speed: 1070, Max speed: 8000
Weight: 13.61kg
System voltage 12
Output 185
Mounting style J-180
Dimensions in INCHES
Housing coating RAW
UL Approved No
Mounting bolt size .50-.53
Mounting ear size 1/2-13
Mounting holes 3
Positive stud size 5/16-24
Negative stud size 1/4-28
Rectifier location INTERNAL
Shaft diameter 7/8 INCH
Excitation type Self Excite
Regulator location Integral
Regulator number 8RL2131
Diode trio No
Pulley required No
Lamp driver Yes
Adjustable regulator No
Remote sense No
Smart check No
Batteryless No
Private Brand
This product is not available to the general aftermarket. Please contact a distributor near you or contact us for more information
Similar Product
Although this is a private branded unit, we have another model that is equivalent to 8SC2282V
8SC2282VG Exact Replace Remove Ag Label
Region Priority / Status
USA / Canada High (A)
United Kingdom / Europe Medium (B)
Product status
Status Number
Equivalent to 8SC2282VG
Technical Bulletins
Title / Link Description
8SC-SCJ Bearing Change Bearing Change procedure for the 8SC/SCJ series alternators overhaul kit.
TSB-1105 8SC_SCJ Bearing Change.pdf (3.6 mb)
8SC-SCJ Brush Change Technical Service bulletin for the changing of the brushes for the 8SC and SCJ alternators.
TSB-1167_ 8SC_SCJ brush change.pdf (103 kb)
8SC-SCJ Hardware Hardware kit for 8SC-SCJ series alternators
TSB-3018_8SC-SCJ_hardware.pdf (599 kb)
8SC-SCJ Maintenance Manual Maintenance manual for the 8SC SCJ series of alternators.
TSM1002_8SC-SCJ_Maintenance_Manual.pdf (6.5 mb)
8SC-SCJ Trash Screen Kit Trash Screen Kit for 8SC-SCJ series alternators
TSB-1104_8SC-SCJ-Trash_Screen_Kit.pdf (125 kb)
Brush change out- Spanish Spanish version of the 8SC-SCJ brush change out procedure.
TSB-1167SP_ 8SC_SCJ brush change.pdf (128 kb)
Parts Breakdown
Title / Link Description
8SC-SCJ service parts list Service parts list for the 8SC-SCJ series alternators.
SP1017_8SC-SCJ_parts_list-web.pdf (1.6 mb)
Numbers Our Customers Use
CompanyPart number
G B M S P A 05042572520
Cross Reference Numbers
CompanyPart numberComment
CNH 87592254  
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