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Customer Portal
Prestolite Electric has set up a customer portal (extranet) to allow our customers access to some of our internal systems. This will allow you to view the status of your orders, place orders, check pricing, check inventory, and other features. Access to the Customer Portal requires a username and password, which can be obtained from your sales or customer service representative.

Starter and Alternator
    Current Notices
Prestolite Portal Upgrade

On September 13th Prestolite upgraded the Prestolite Portal to use a newer form of Java. This change supports Google Chrome as well as the higher security features found in the newer releases of Java.
However, you are now likely to see a few notices or prompts that you hadn't previously seen when accessing the Prestolite Portal. In addition to the new notices and or prompts, you may need Administrative rights on your computer to access the Prestolite Portal.

The new notices and or prompts may look similar to the images below.

JNLP Download Notice

Please click 'Ok,' if you receive a similar notice to the above image.

Oracle Forms by Prestolite Run conformation

Please click 'Run,' if you receive a similar notice to the above image.

Google Chrome - Now supported

Recent changes to Google Chrome have resulted in an error message regarding an unsuported plug-in.

To use Google Chrome please Click Here

** This link requires Java 7 at minimum.
** "Alternate Portal URL" isn't supported under Google Chrome

Java™ Errors
The Prestolite Customer Portal requires Java™ 7 or newer. Please click here to test the version of Java™ installed on your system.

Download 32 bit Java™

If the "Enter Customer Portal" link at the bottom of the page doesn't work; please try the following link: Alternate Portal URL
This method doesn't support Google Chrome and may require changes to certain Java Settings.

Installing Java
Installieren von Java DE
Installing Java EN
Instalación de Java ES
Installer Java FR
Windows® 7 & Windows® 8 & Windows® 10
Having trouble accessing the customer portal?

We have found an issue when using Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10 and Java™ to access our customer portal. To gain access to the customer portal a 32 bit Java™ installation is required. Please click the link below and download the 32 bit version of Java™. If you need help installing Java™, please contact RJ at 001 585.653.5436.

Download 32 bit Java™

"Unable to Connect"
Having trouble connecting to the customer portal?

In some cases either your ISP, Security Software or company may block access to port 4445, which our default link uses. If you are unable to connect to the customer portal and are receiving an error similar to "Unable to connect," please contact your IT group and ask them to unblock port 4445.

Enter Customer Portal
      or try our      
Alternate Portal URL
If you would like help please contact RJ at 001 585.653.5436