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Detailed History
Lee Drennan, Inc.
1954 - Radio Parts Manufacturing Division Sold to Motorola Car Radio Tuners.
1957 - One Millionth Tuner came off the line.
1959 - Alternator Design Work began.
1961 - Alternator Productions begins.
1964 - Developed Large Frame (6 1/2") Model (Targeted for Severe Environment Applications).
-Cast Iron
-Totally Enclosed
-Aluminum (lighter/cheaper/lower output)
1971 - First use of Thick Film Regulators.
1980 - 10 Millionth Alternator Produced.
Slinky Stator Process Developed.
1981 - Field tested Load Handler Series.
1982 - New Products:
- Integrated Circuit Regulators and Hourmeters
- New Generation Tachometers
- Heavy Duty Alternators
- Remanufacturing Alternators
1983 - SPC (Statistical Process Control) Utilized to Improve Quality.
1984 - Individual Incentive System eliminated.
118 MM Instrument System started.
Field tested Large Frame Brushless Alternator.
1986 - SCM (Short Cycle Manufacturing) comes to Arcade.
Customer Service Group started.
Vibration Testing Capability developed.
1988 - Prestolite acquires Arcade Facility.

The History of Prestolite
1911 - Electric Autolite Founded - Produces a Generator to power early day auto lamps. Original Equipment Customers: Studebaker, Packard, and Indiana Buggy Works.
1927 - Electric Autolite acquires Prest-O-Lite Battery Co. - Produced Automotive Batteries. Expanded to include: Starting Motors, Generators, Regulators, Ignition Systems, Wire and Cable Products, and Spark Plugs.
1927 --------------------------------------------------------------- 1961
  Prest-O-Lite's Credits of "Firsts" in the Business.

- Battery requiring water only three times a year.
- Resistor Spark Plug
- Solid State Automotive Ignition System
- Underwater Ignition
1961 - The name "Autolite" sold.
1963 - Electric Autolite Co. merges with Merganthaler Linotype Co. - Eltra Corporation Formed.
Former Autolite Phase of Company becomes Prestolite Company.
1980 - Eltra Corporation acquired by Allied Signal Corporation.
1986 - Prestolite Motor and Ignition Purchased by Investors, forming Prestolite Electric, Inc.
1987 - July: Prestolite Acquires Leece Neville Division of Sheller-Globe Corporation (Cleveland, Ohio, Operations, now part of the Alternator Products Division).

July: Prestolite Acquires Beech Electric Corporation and Beech Electric California, Inc. - Formed Megatron Machinery, Division of Prestolite Remanufacturing.

August: Prestolite acquires RCP Machinery Manufacturing, Inc. and Megatron Industries.

November: Prestolite acquires Butec Limited, Leyland, England - Manufacturing Heavy Duty Alternators and Starting Motors.

The History of Prestolite and the Arcade Facility
1988 - January 29th: Prestolite acquires Arcade, New York, Facility of Motorola - Alternator Production, Electromechanical Speedometers and Tachometers.
1990 - February 15th: Prestolite files for Chapter 11 in Federal Bankruptcy Court.
1991 - Genstar Capital Corporation acquires Prestolite Electric, Inc., the Company Emerges from Bankruptcy.
1992 - Establishment of "Fix and Grow Policy."
Facility Consolidation.
Lowering of Business Break Even Point.
Establishing World-Class Manufacturing Policy.
AMA Alternator Production begins in Arcade.
AMA and Electronic Regulator Production begins in Arcade.
Arcade becomes Headquarters for the Alternator Products Division.
5" Redesign Alternator Engineering Prototpyes begins.
5027RH Defense Regulator to Support Prime Contract begins.
1993 - Enigineering Lab Operation takes occupancy of West End of Facility.
6" HEavy Duty Load Handler Redesigned for Extended Life and High Vibration Environments.
24V 100 Amp for Canadian Military.
Standard Replacement with Ryder Network Sales for Instruments.
24V 200 Amp Designed for Ford Emergency Vehicles.
"A" Prime Regulator Design Enhancement for Load Handler Series.
1999 - Prestolite purchases Robert's Remanufacturing in Garfield, NJ.
1999 - Prestolite purchases Robert's Remanufacturing in Garfield, NJ.