Engine with Alternator

Stay in charge with Prestolite

Prestolite has over 100 years‘ experience in the development and manufacture of alternators. A lead in know-how that is extremely beneficial to vehicle manufacturers and end users alike. Excellent examples of our competence and innovative ability are our product offerings for many varied applications from automotive through heavy commercial truck and bus, off road equipment and even battle tanks.

Not only do our alternators have impressive power-outputs, they are also highly efficient, which means improved economy and lower emissions for the end users. These are results of technical innovations to families of alternators designed for modern applications. Our latest line of compact alternators with internal fans and our classic alternator designs with external fans are testimony to our commitment to customer demands.

We offer brush and brushless-type alternators to meet the needs of each vehicle and equipment manufacturer for construction and agricultural markets. Our brushless design results in longer life in the toughest environmental conditions. This translates into being the OE manufacturer of alternators for leading vehicle and equipment manufacturers for over 100 years.

Warning: Prestolite Products are not approved for Aviation applications!



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