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Brush Replacement Instructions
The following instructions apply to any motor which has the brush lead(s) welded to the field coil connection.

1. Cut the original brush leads off approx. 1/2" on each side of the welded connection.

2. Using resin core solder and a soldering iron, or heavy-duty soldering gun, tin the remaining sections of the original brush lead.

3. Position the new brush lead next to the tinned sections of the original brush lead then install and crimp the brass strip connections (included) around both leads to hold the new brushes in place. See Figure 1.

4. Solder the new brushes in place, see Step 2, then position the new brush leads so they do not contact the frame or interfere with throughbolt installation.

The procedure for replacing individual brushes is the same as the two brush procedure except for brush positioning. On single brush connections it is important for the new brush lead to flex at approximately the same location as the original.

To accomplish this the brush should be positioned pointing in the opposite direction of the original brush.

Position the new brush next to the tinned section of the original brush as shown in Figure 2. Install the brass strip connector to hold the brush in place while soldering. Make the solder connection as quickly as possible to avoid "Running" the solder up the brush lead.

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