860506GB - Heavy Duty Starter Motor

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    860506GB Front Dim Drawing
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    860506GB Side Dim Drawing
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Product Specifications
Spec Value
Item number 860506GB
Sales number N/A
Series number KB TYPE
System voltage 24
kW 6.6
Dimensions in N/A
Housing coating N/A
UL Approved No
Pinion teeth 9
Pinion pitch  
Pinion OD 35.1
Pinion at rest 47.5
Span over 2 teeth  
Switch position  
Helper Relay  
Ignition terminal  
Battery terminal  
Ground terminal  
Wetclutch No
Overcrank Protection No
Region Priority / Status
USA / Canada Very low (D)
United Kingdom / Europe Medium (B)
Title / Link Description
Bus and Coach Application Catalogue Bus and coach application catalogue for alternators and starter motors.
PP4042_BusCoach Catalogue.pdf (7.6 mb)
Truck Application Alternators and Starters Alternators and starter motors for truck applications- UK
PP4039_Truck App Ref Guide-web.pdf (3.6 mb)
Numbers Our Customers Use
CompanyPart number
COGENCO LTD 1094-0142
WM SE 139.97.32

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