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Product Specifications
Spec Value
Item number 8LHP2170VE
Sales number N/A
Series number 8LHA/P
Notes -40C TO 105C
System voltage 12
Output 160
Mounting style PAD
Dimensions in INCHES
Housing coating RAW
UL Approved No
Mounting ear size .417-.427, .479-.489
Positive stud size 5/16-24
Negative stud size 1/4-2/
Rectifier location INTEGRAL
Shaft diameter 7/8 INCH
Excitation type  
Regulator location  
Regulator number 8RG2138
Diode trio No
Pulley included No
Lamp driver No
Adjustable regulator No
Remote sense No
Smart check No
Batteryless No
Similar Product
We have other models that are equivalent to 8LHP2170VE
8LHP2172VAH Remove Woodruff Key From Shaft
8LHP2170VH Remove Woodruff Key From Shaft
8LHP2246VAH Remove Woodruff Key From Shaft
Region Priority / Status
USA / Canada Not currently available
United Kingdom / Europe Not currently available
Product status
Status Number
Equivalent to 8LHP2170VH
Superseded by 8LHP2170VF
Technical Bulletins
Title / Link Description
8RG Reg Changeout Procedure 8RG regulator changeout procedure for 8LHA, 8LHP, LBA, LBP, BLD, BLP series alternators
TSB-1147_Reg-Changeout_8LHA-8LHP-LBA-LBP-BLD-BLP.pdf (1.2 mb)
Hardware kit - 8LHA, 8LHP, LBA, LBP Iso drawing and piece part reference for hardware kit for 8LHA, 8LHP, LBA, LBP alternators.
TSB-3002-8LHA(P)_LBA(P)_hardware.pdf (315 kb)
Pad Type Mounting Recommendations Recommended mounting and bracket design for pad mount alternators.
TSB-1049_Pad_Type_Mounting_Recommendations.pdf (608 kb)
Parts Breakdown
Title / Link Description
8LHP Service Parts List Service parts list breakdown, iso drawing of major components and technical service bulletin for the hardware kit.
SP1001-8LHP_parts_list-web.pdf (863 kb)
Numbers Our Customers Use
CompanyPart number
Cross Reference Numbers
CompanyPart numberComment
DELCO REMY 10459321  

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