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MS2-500 - Product Details

Product Specifications
Spec Value
Item number MS2-500
Sales number N/A
Series number MS2/M130
Special Note Conditions Of Usage
Warning: Prestolite Products are not approved for Aviation applications!
System voltage 12
kW 10 HP
Mounting style SAE J542 TYPE 3
Dimensions in MILLIMETERS
Housing coating PAINTED
UL Approved No
Pinion teeth 11
Pinion pitch 6/8
Pinion OD 2.25
Pinion at rest 1.843
Span over 2 teeth  
Offset NONE
Flange type SAE J542 Type 3
Flange image
Switch position 67.5°
Helper Relay  
Ignition terminal  
Battery terminal M12
Ground terminal M12
Bypass terminal NONE
Wetclutch Yes
Overcrank Protection Yes
Similar Product
We have other models that are equivalent to MS2-500
Region Priority / Status
USA / Canada Not currently available
United Kingdom / Europe Not currently available
Product status
Status Number
Equivalent to M125R2001SEP
Superseded by MS2-500D
Technical Bulletin
Title / Link Description
MS2 Starter Motor Hardware Kit Hardware kit for the MS2 series starter motors
TSB-3004_MS2-hardware.pdf (317 kb)
Parts Breakdown
Title / Link Description
MS2 Starter Service Parts List Service Parts list for the MS2 series starter motor kits
SP1007-MS2_parts_list_web.pdf (833 kb)
Cross Reference Numbers
CompanyPart numberComment
AEP SDR0080  
AES NEW 6513N  
DELCO REMAN 10461272  
DELCO REMAN 1990484  
DELCO REMY 10478964  
DELCO REMY 1990055  
DELCO REMY 1990426  
DELCO REMY 1993836  
DELCO REMY 1993932  
FORD F6HT-11001-HA  
FORD F6HZ-11002-HA  
FORD F7HT-11001-DA  
FORD F7HZ-11002-DA  
FORD SA-835  
FORD SA-845  
LESTER 6513  
RAYLOC 46-7050O  
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