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Alternator Parts Listings

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4000 Series J180 Mount Service Parts List
SP1008-4000-J180-parts-list-web.pdf (2667K)
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Service parts list for 4000 series alternators utilizing the 12 diode rectifier systems.
A0014740JB (4740JB) A0014740JB-B () A0014740JBH ()
A0014742JB (4742JB) A0014743JB (4743JB) A0014744JB (4744JB)
A0014817JB (4817JB) A0014818JB (4818JB) A0014822JB ()
A0014833LCH () A0014833LGH (4833LGH) A0014836AAH (4836AAH)
A0014836LGH (4836LGH) A0014842LCH () A0014846AAH (4846AAH)
A0014860AA (4860AA) A0014860JB (4860JB) A0014860JBH ()
A0014861JB (4861JB) A0014863JB (4863JB) A0014863JBH ()
A0014864JB (4864JB) A0014867JB (4867JB) A0014867JBH ()
A0014867JGH (4867JGH) A0014868JGH (4868JGH) A0014870AA (4870AA)
A0014870JB (4870JB) A0014870JBH () A0014870JGH (4870JGH)
A0014871JB (4871JB) A0014872AA (4872AA) A0014872JB (4872JB)
A0014874JB (4874JB) A0014876JB () A0014883JB (4883JB)
A0014884JB (4884JB) A0014885JB (4885JB) A0014887JB (4887JB)
A0014890AA (4890AA) A0014890JB (4890JB) A0014890JBH ()

4400 Series Alternators
4400_Form3484-772_parts_list.pdf (347K)
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4401AD-4407AA Alternators,
38 Volts 48 Amps, Rev. A887
A0014404AA (4404AA) A0014405AA (4405AA) A0014406AA (4406A)
A0014407AA (4407AA)

4425-4725JC Series Alternators
4425-4725JC_Form4627_parts_list.pdf (362K)
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4425-4725JC Alternators,
14 Volt 75-140 Amps, 28 Volt 65-100 Amps, 32 Volt 115 Amps, Rev. 10/95
A0014425JC (4425J) A0014426JC (4426JC) A0014626JC (4626JC)
A0014725JC (4725JC)

4425-4750JA Series Alternators
4425-4750JA_S_parts_list.pdf (399K)
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4425-4750JA Alternators,
14-32 Volt, 65-130 Amp, Rev. 10/95
A0014425JA () A0014426JA () A0014450JA (4450J)
A0014625JA () A0014625JC (4625JC) A0014626JA ()
A0014725JA (4725JA) A0014750JA (4750J)

4452-4754AB Series Alternators
4452-4754AB_Form4555_parts_list.pdf (387K)
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4452-4754AB Alternators,
14 Volt 75-130 Amps, Rev. 794
A0014452AB (4452AB) A0014654AB (4654AB) A0014754AB (4754AB)

4452-4754JA Alternator series
4452-4754JA_Form4557-586_parts_list.pdf (226K)
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4452-4754JA Alternator, 14 volt, 75-130 amps, Rev. A794
A0014452JA () A0014654JA () A0014754JA (4754JA)

4600 series alternators
4600_P_parts_list.pdf (196K)
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4600JA-4601JA alternators,
14 volts and 28 volts 105 amps, Rev.10/73
A0014600JA (4600J)

4627-4628JA Series Alternators
4627-4628JA_Form3979-978_parts_list.pdf (517K)
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4627-4628JA Alternators,
28 Volts 100 Amps, Rev. B786
A0014627JA (4627J) A0014628JA (4628JA)

4629-4630JA Series Alternators
4629-4630JA_Form4331-982_parts_list.pdf (386K)
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4629-4630JA Alternators,
28 Volts 65-100 Amps, Rev. 9/82
A0014629JA (4629JA) A0014630JA (4630JA)

4700_Q_parts_list.pdf (164K)
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4700 series alternator service parts list
A0014700JA (4700J)

6 Diode Alternator Service Parts List
SP1013_4000-6-diode-parts-list-web.pdf (2638K)
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Service parts list for 6 diode series alternators.
A0014417AA (4417AA) A0014417JB (4417JB) A0014420JB (4420JB)
A0014727AA (4727AA) A0014727AB (4727AB) A0014727JB (4727JB)
A0014728JB (4728JB) A0014729LC (4729LC) A0014805AA (4805AA)
A0014805JB (4805JB) A0014806AA (4806AA) A0014806JB (4806JB)
A0014826AA (4826AA) A0014827JB (4827JB)

7700JA Series Alternators
7700_R1_parts_list.pdf (294K)
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Rev. 2/95
A0014400JA (4400J) A0014403JA (4403J) A0017600JA (7600JA)
A0017602JA (7602J) A0017604JA (7604JA) A0017605JA (7605J)
A0017606JA (7606JA) A0017607JA (7607J) A0017609JA (7609J)
A0017700AA (7700A) A0017700JA (7700J) A0017701AA (7701A)
A0017701JA (7701J) A0017702AA (7702AA) A0017704JA (7704J)
A0017705AA (7705AA) A0017705JA (7705JA) A0017706AA (7706AA)
A0017706JA (7706JA) A0017709JA (7709J) A0017710JA (7710J)
A0017711AA (7711A) A0017711JA (7711JA)

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