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Alternator Parts Listings

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4000 Series J180 Mount Service Parts List
SP1008-4000-J180-parts-list-web.pdf (2167K)
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Service parts list for 4000 series alternators utilizing the 12 diode rectifier systems.
A0014740JB (4740JB) A0014740JB-B A0014740JBH
A0014742JB (4742JB) A0014743JB (4743JB) A0014744JB (4744JB)
A0014817JB (4817JB) A0014818JB (4818JB) A0014822JB
A0014833LCH A0014833LGH (4833LGH) A0014836AAH (4836AAH)
A0014836LGH (4836LGH) A0014842LCH A0014846AAH (4846AAH)
A0014860AA (4860AA) A0014860JB (4860JB) A0014860JBH
A0014861JB (4861JB) A0014863JB (4863JB) A0014863JBH
A0014864JB (4864JB) A0014867JB (4867JB) A0014867JBH
A0014867JGH (4867JGH) A0014868JGH (4868JGH) A0014870AA (4870AA)
A0014870JB (4870JB) A0014870JBH A0014870JGH (4870JGH)
A0014871JB (4871JB) A0014872AA (4872AA) A0014872JB (4872JB)
A0014874JB (4874JB) A0014876JB A0014883JB (4883JB)
A0014884JB (4884JB) A0014885JB (4885JB) A0014887JB (4887JB)
A0014890AA (4890AA) A0014890JB (4890JB) A0014890JBH

4000 Series Pad Mount Service Parts List
SP1009-4000-Pad-parts-list-web.pdf (2337K)
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Service parts list for the 4000 series alternator pad mount models.
A0014907PAH A0014908PGH A0014911PA (4911PA)
A0014912PGH (4912PGH) A0014913PA (4913PA) A0014915PA (4915PA)
A0014916PA (4916PA) A0014919PA-MP (4919PA-MP) A0014920PAH
A0014923PAH A0014931PAH A0014931PGH (4931PGH)
A0014939AAH (4939AAH) A0014939AAH-B (4939AAH-B) A0014939PAH
A0014939PGH (4939PGH) A0014940PA (4940PA) A0014942PA (4942PA)
A0014943PGH (4943PGH) A0014943PGH-B (4943PGH-B) A0014944PA (4944PA)
A0014945AAH (4945AAH) A0014947PA (4947PA) A0014947PAH
A0014947PGH (4947PGH) A0014948PA (4948PA) A0014949PA (4949PA)
A0014949PA-B (4949PA-B) A0014949PAH A0014949PGH (4949PGH)
A0014951PAH A0014951PGH (4951PGH) A0014953PAH (4953PAH)
A0014957AAH (4957AAH) A0014958PA (4958PA) A0014959PA (4959PA)
A0014962PA (4962PA) A0014962PA-B (4962PA-B) A0014962PAH (4962PAH)
A0014962PGH A0014964PA (4964PA) A0014964PAH
A0014966PAA (4966PAA) A0014966PAA-B (4966PAA-B) A0014967PGH (4967PGH)
A0014974PA (4974PA) A0014975PAA (4975PAA) A0014975PAA-B (4975PAA-B)
A0014977AAH (4977AAH) A0014978PAH A0014979PAH
A0014980PAH A0014980PAH-P A0014980PGH (4980PGH)
A0014981PGH (4981PGH) A0014982AAH A0014989PAH
A0014989PAH-1 A0014989PAH-2 A0014989PGH (4989PGH)
A0014991PA (4991PA) A0014992PA (4992PA) A0014993PA (4993PA)
A0014994PA (4994PA)

4000 Series Remote Reg/Rect Service parts
SP1014_4000-Remote-rect-reg-parts-list_web.pdf (1695K)
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Service parts list for the 4000 series alternators utilizing remote rectifiers or remote regulators.
A0014840AAH (4840AAH) A0014841PAH A0014850AA (4850AA)
A0014852AA (4852AA) A0014854AA (4854AA) A0014856AA (4856AA)
A0014892AA (4892AA) A0014909AA (4909AA) A0014941PGH (4941PGH)

4000 Series T-mount alternator parts list
SP1010_4000-Tmount-parts-list-web.pdf (2785K)
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Service parts list for the T-mount 4000 series alternators.
A0014900JB A0014900JBS (4900JBS) A0014905AA
A0014910JB A0014950AA A0014954AA
A0014970JB A0014970JBS (4970JBS)

4800-4829JB Series Alternator
4800-4829JB_Form4554-686_parts_list.pdf (396K)
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4800-4829JB Alternators,
Rev. F294
A0014800JB (4800JB) A0014824JB (4824JB) A0014829JB (4829JB)

4826JB Alternator
4826JB_Form4795_parts_list.pdf (1174K)
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4826JB Alternator,
28 Volt 105 Amps, Rev. 7/94
A0014826JB (4826JB)

6 Diode Alternator Service Parts List
SP1013_4000-6-diode-parts-list-web.pdf (2322K)
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Service parts list for 6 diode series alternators.
A0014417AA (4417AA) A0014417JB (4417JB) A0014420JB (4420JB)
A0014727AA (4727AA) A0014727AB (4727AB) A0014727JB (4727JB)
A0014728JB (4728JB) A0014729LC (4729LC) A0014805AA (4805AA)
A0014805JB (4805JB) A0014806AA (4806AA) A0014806JB (4806JB)
A0014826AA (4826AA) A0014827JB (4827JB)

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