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Alternator Parts Listings

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2200AA Series Alternators
2200_Form2970_parts_list.pdf (767K)
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2220AA-2258AC Alternators,
14-32 Volts, 150-220 Amps, Rev. 7/95
A0012148AB (2148AB) A0012220AA (2220AA) A0012234AA (2234AA)
A0012258AC (2258AC)

2270-2272AA Series Alternators
2270-2272AA_Form4791_parts_list.pdf (1066K)
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14 Volt 325 Amps, 28 Volts 290 Amps
A0012270AA (2270AA) A0012272AA (2272AA)

2300JB-2800JB_W_parts_list.pdf (906K)
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2300-2800JB series alternator service parts list
A0012300JB (2300JB) A0012301JB (2301JB) A0012303JB (2303JB)
A0012304JB (2304JB) A0012360JB (2360JB) A0012400JB (2400JB)
A0012500JB (2500JB) A0012600JB (2600JB) A0012670JB (2670JB)
A0012700JB (2700JB) A0012802JB (2802JB) A0012805JB (2805JB)

2500 Series Alternators
2500_W-3_parts_list.pdf (458K)
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2310-2913JC Alternators
A0012310JB A0012505JB A0012512JB
A0012516JB A0012610JB A0012706JB
A0012808JB A0012810JB A0012812JB
A0012813JB A0012813JC A0012819JB

2500-2800 parts list
SP1011-2500-2800-parts-list-web.pdf (1566K)
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Service parts list for the 2500-2800 series alternators.
A0012302JB (2302JB) A0012500LC (2500LC) A0012502LC (2502LC)
A0012505LC (2505LC) A0012509JB (2509JB) A0012511AA (2511AA)
A0012511JB (2511JB) A0012513LC A0012526LC (2526LC)
A0012670LC (2670LC) A0012676LC (2676LC) A0012700LC (2700LC)
A0012702LC (2702LC) A0012706LC A0012713LC (2713LC)
A0012800LC (2800LC) A0012802LC (2802LC) A0012805LC (2805LC)
A0012807LC (2807LC) A0012808LC (2808LC) A0012813LC
A0012819LC A0012824LC (2824LC) A0012825LC (2825LC)

2500JC_W-2_parts_list.pdf (308K)
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Service parts list
A0012300JC (2300JC) A0012360JC (2360JC) A0012600JC (2600JC)
A0012800JC (2800JC) A0012802JC (2802JC)

3425JC Alternators
3425JC_parts_list.pdf (466K)
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3425JC-3725JC Alternator Series
12-32 volts rev B
A0013426JC (3426JC) A0013525JC (3525JC) A0013625JC (3625JC)
A0013627JC (3627JC) A0013632JC (3632JC) A0013725JC (3725JC)

4000 Series J180 Mount Service Parts List
SP1008-4000-J180-parts-list-web.pdf (2167K)
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Service parts list for 4000 series alternators utilizing the 12 diode rectifier systems.
A0014740JB (4740JB) A0014740JB-B A0014740JBH
A0014742JB (4742JB) A0014743JB (4743JB) A0014744JB (4744JB)
A0014817JB (4817JB) A0014818JB (4818JB) A0014822JB
A0014833LCH A0014833LGH (4833LGH) A0014836AAH (4836AAH)
A0014836LGH (4836LGH) A0014842LCH A0014846AAH (4846AAH)
A0014860AA (4860AA) A0014860JB (4860JB) A0014860JBH
A0014861JB (4861JB) A0014863JB (4863JB) A0014863JBH
A0014864JB (4864JB) A0014867JB (4867JB) A0014867JBH
A0014867JGH (4867JGH) A0014868JGH (4868JGH) A0014870AA (4870AA)
A0014870JB (4870JB) A0014870JBH A0014870JGH (4870JGH)
A0014871JB (4871JB) A0014872AA (4872AA) A0014872JB (4872JB)
A0014874JB (4874JB) A0014876JB A0014883JB (4883JB)
A0014884JB (4884JB) A0014885JB (4885JB) A0014887JB (4887JB)
A0014890AA (4890AA) A0014890JB (4890JB) A0014890JBH

4000 Series Pad Mount Service Parts List
SP1009-4000-Pad-parts-list-web.pdf (2337K)
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Service parts list for the 4000 series alternator pad mount models.
A0014907PAH A0014908PGH A0014911PA (4911PA)
A0014912PGH (4912PGH) A0014913PA (4913PA) A0014915PA (4915PA)
A0014916PA (4916PA) A0014919PA-MP (4919PA-MP) A0014920PAH
A0014923PAH A0014931PAH A0014931PGH (4931PGH)
A0014939AAH (4939AAH) A0014939AAH-B (4939AAH-B) A0014939PAH
A0014939PGH (4939PGH) A0014940PA (4940PA) A0014942PA (4942PA)
A0014943PGH (4943PGH) A0014943PGH-B (4943PGH-B) A0014944PA (4944PA)
A0014945AAH (4945AAH) A0014947PA (4947PA) A0014947PAH
A0014947PGH (4947PGH) A0014948PA (4948PA) A0014949PA (4949PA)
A0014949PA-B (4949PA-B) A0014949PAH A0014949PGH (4949PGH)
A0014951PAH A0014951PGH (4951PGH) A0014953PAH (4953PAH)
A0014957AAH (4957AAH) A0014958PA (4958PA) A0014959PA (4959PA)
A0014962PA (4962PA) A0014962PA-B (4962PA-B) A0014962PAH (4962PAH)
A0014962PGH A0014964PA (4964PA) A0014964PAH
A0014966PAA (4966PAA) A0014966PAA-B (4966PAA-B) A0014967PGH (4967PGH)
A0014974PA (4974PA) A0014975PAA (4975PAA) A0014975PAA-B (4975PAA-B)
A0014977AAH (4977AAH) A0014978PAH A0014979PAH
A0014980PAH A0014980PAH-P A0014980PGH (4980PGH)
A0014981PGH (4981PGH) A0014982AAH A0014989PAH
A0014989PAH-1 A0014989PAH-2 A0014989PGH (4989PGH)
A0014991PA (4991PA) A0014992PA (4992PA) A0014993PA (4993PA)
A0014994PA (4994PA)

4000 Series Remote Reg/Rect Service parts
SP1014_4000-Remote-rect-reg-parts-list_web.pdf (1695K)
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Service parts list for the 4000 series alternators utilizing remote rectifiers or remote regulators.
A0014840AAH (4840AAH) A0014841PAH A0014850AA (4850AA)
A0014852AA (4852AA) A0014854AA (4854AA) A0014856AA (4856AA)
A0014892AA (4892AA) A0014909AA (4909AA) A0014941PGH (4941PGH)

4000 Series T-mount alternator parts list
SP1010_4000-Tmount-parts-list-web.pdf (2785K)
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Service parts list for the T-mount 4000 series alternators.
A0014900JB A0014900JBS (4900JBS) A0014905AA
A0014910JB A0014950AA A0014954AA
A0014970JB A0014970JBS (4970JBS)

4400 Series Alternators
4400_Form3484-772_parts_list.pdf (347K)
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4401AD-4407AA Alternators,
38 Volts 48 Amps, Rev. A887
A0014404AA (4404AA) A0014405AA (4405AA) A0014406AA (4406A)
A0014407AA (4407AA)

4425-4725JC Series Alternators
4425-4725JC_Form4627_parts_list.pdf (362K)
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4425-4725JC Alternators,
14 Volt 75-140 Amps, 28 Volt 65-100 Amps, 32 Volt 115 Amps, Rev. 10/95
A0014425JC (4425J) A0014426JC (4426JC) A0014626JC (4626JC)
A0014725JC (4725JC)

4425-4750JA Series Alternators
4425-4750JA_S_parts_list.pdf (399K)
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4425-4750JA Alternators,
14-32 Volt, 65-130 Amp, Rev. 10/95
A0014425JA A0014426JA A0014450JA (4450J)
A0014625JA A0014625JC (4625JC) A0014626JA
A0014725JA (4725JA) A0014750JA (4750J)

4452-4754AB Series Alternators
4452-4754AB_Form4555_parts_list.pdf (387K)
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4452-4754AB Alternators,
14 Volt 75-130 Amps, Rev. 794
A0014452AB (4452AB) A0014654AB (4654AB) A0014754AB (4754AB)

4452-4754JA Alternator series
4452-4754JA_Form4557-586_parts_list.pdf (226K)
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4452-4754JA Alternator, 14 volt, 75-130 amps, Rev. A794
A0014452JA A0014654JA A0014754JA (4754JA)

4600 series alternators
4600_P_parts_list.pdf (196K)
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4600JA-4601JA alternators,
14 volts and 28 volts 105 amps, Rev.10/73
A0014600JA (4600J)

4627-4628JA Series Alternators
4627-4628JA_Form3979-978_parts_list.pdf (517K)
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4627-4628JA Alternators,
28 Volts 100 Amps, Rev. B786
A0014627JA (4627J) A0014628JA (4628JA)

4629-4630JA Series Alternators
4629-4630JA_Form4331-982_parts_list.pdf (386K)
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4629-4630JA Alternators,
28 Volts 65-100 Amps, Rev. 9/82
A0014629JA (4629JA) A0014630JA (4630JA)

4700_Q_parts_list.pdf (164K)
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4700 series alternator service parts list
A0014700JA (4700J)

4800-4829JB Series Alternator
4800-4829JB_Form4554-686_parts_list.pdf (396K)
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4800-4829JB Alternators,
Rev. F294
A0014800JB (4800JB) A0014824JB (4824JB) A0014829JB (4829JB)

4826JB Alternator
4826JB_Form4795_parts_list.pdf (1174K)
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4826JB Alternator,
28 Volt 105 Amps, Rev. 7/94
A0014826JB (4826JB)

5522-5528A Series Alternators
5522-5528A_Form4404-1083_parts_list.pdf (217K)
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5522-5528A Alternators,
14 Volt 165-200 Amps, Rev. C294
A0015522AA (5522AA) A0015523AA (5523AA) A0015527AA (5527AA)
A0015528AA (5528AA)

6 Diode Alternator Service Parts List
SP1013_4000-6-diode-parts-list-web.pdf (2322K)
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Service parts list for 6 diode series alternators.
A0014417AA (4417AA) A0014417JB (4417JB) A0014420JB (4420JB)
A0014727AA (4727AA) A0014727AB (4727AB) A0014727JB (4727JB)
A0014728JB (4728JB) A0014729LC (4729LC) A0014805AA (4805AA)
A0014805JB (4805JB) A0014806AA (4806AA) A0014806JB (4806JB)
A0014826AA (4826AA) A0014827JB (4827JB)

7000 Series Alternators
7000_Form2901-1_parts_list.pdf (175K)
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7000AB-7068A Alternators,
14 Volts, 65 Amps, Rev. 4/72
A0017000AB (7000AB) A0017048AA (7048A)

7000JA Series Alternators
7000JA_Form3422-1_parts_list.pdf (193K)
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7000JA-7040JA Alternators,
14 Volts 65-70 Amps, Rev. 2/78
A0017000JA (7000JA)

7014-7030AA Series Alternators
7014-7030AA_parts_list.pdf (341K)
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7014-7030AA Alternators,
Rev. 9/95
A0017014AA (7014AA) A0017024AA (7024AA)

7040AA Alternator, 12 Volt, 65 Amp
7040AA_Form2872-1_parts_list.pdf (182K)
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7040AA Alternator, Rev. 6/68
A0017064AA (7064A)

7052AA Alternator, 14 Volts 65 Amps
7052AA_Form2641-1_parts_list.pdf (347K)
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7052AA Alternator, Rev. 10/73
A0017052AA (7052A)

7070AA Alternator, 14 Volt 65 Amps
7070AA_Form3937_parts_list.pdf (157K)
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7070AA Alternator, Rev. 5/78
A0017070AA (7070AA)

7400AA Series Alternators
7400AA_Form2805_parts_list.pdf (231K)
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7400AA-7406AA Alternators,
14 Volts, 80 Amps, Rev. 4/68
A0017600AA (7600AA) A0017606AA (7606AA)

7500JA Series Alternators
7500_I1_parts_list.pdf (371K)
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7500JA, 7501JA, 7502JA,
7504JA, 7506JA, 7509JA, 7509JA, 7510JA, 7511JA, 7512JA, 7513JA, 7516JA, Rev. 7/74
A0017501JA A0017506JA

7600AA Series Alternators
7600_J_parts_list.pdf (303K)
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A0017601AA (7601AA) A0017602AA (7602A) A0017603AA (7603AA)
A0017604AA (7604A) A0017605AA (7605A) A0017609AA (7609A)

7700JA Series Alternators
7700_R1_parts_list.pdf (294K)
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Rev. 2/95
A0014400JA (4400J) A0014403JA (4403J) A0017600JA (7600JA)
A0017602JA (7602J) A0017604JA (7604JA) A0017605JA (7605J)
A0017606JA (7606JA) A0017607JA (7607J) A0017609JA (7609J)
A0017700AA (7700A) A0017700JA (7700J) A0017701AA (7701A)
A0017701JA (7701J) A0017702AA (7702AA) A0017704JA (7704J)
A0017705AA (7705AA) A0017705JA (7705JA) A0017706AA (7706AA)
A0017706JA (7706JA) A0017709JA (7709J) A0017710JA (7710J)
A0017711AA (7711A) A0017711JA (7711JA)

7800 Series Alternators
7800_Form3810-976_parts_list.pdf (530K)
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7804JB-7808JB Alternators, >br> 14 Volt 145-160 Amps, Rev. C887
A0017804JB (7804J) A0017806JB (7806J)

8050-8055A Series Alternators
8050-8055A_Form4091-1179_parts_list.pdf (485K)
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8050-8055A ALternators,
14-32 Volt, 75-145 Amps
A0018050AB (8050A) A0018051AB (8051A)

8AL Series Alternators
8AL_5D_parts_list.pdf (514K)
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8AL2046FA-8AL2171K, Rev. 9/95
8AL2046FA (110-529) 8AL2055FA (110-544) 8AL2074FA (110-500)
8AL2080KA (110-497) 8AL2105L (110-770) 8AL2106F (110-275)
8AL2106FA (110-505) 8AL2107K (110-300) 8AL2107KA (110-503)
8AL2108F (110-314) 8AL2108FA (110-504) 8AL2109F (110-317)
8AL2109FA (110-492) 8AL2110F 8AL2110FA
8AL2110FB 8AL2110FC 8AL2110FD
8AL2111F 8AL2111FA 8AL2116FA
8AL2116FB 8AL2171K (110-480)

8AL_5B_parts_list.pdf (1277K)
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REV. 9/88
12N37B 12N51B 8AL2046F
8AL2080K (110-249)

8AR Alternator
8AR_17C_parts_list.pdf (782K)
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8AR Alternator
rev 3/96
8AR2015F (110-474) 8AR2018L (110-683) 8AR2062KA (110-495)
8AR2160F (110-470) 8AR2160FS (110-514)

8AR Series Alternators
8AR_17B_parts_list.pdf (433K)
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Rev. 11/94
8AR2200L (110-460) 8AR2201L (110-461) 8AR2202L (110-463)
8AR3200G (110-462)

8AR Series Alternators
8AR_17_parts_list.pdf (1602K)
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Rev. 11/94
8AR2007 (110-192) 8AR2013L (110-476) 8AR2021K (110-178)
8AR2023K (110-448)

8AR Series Alternators
8AR_17A_parts_list.pdf (1689K)
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Rev. 5/95
8AR2060F (110-262) 8AR2062K (110-263) 8AR2065F
8AR2066F (110-261) 8AR2066FLE 8AR2067L (110-291)
8AR2069F (110-273) 8AR2070K (110-274) 8AR2072F (110-288)
8AR2073F (110-289) 8AR2074F (110-479) 8AR2075F (110-283)
8AR2076K 8AR3080F (110-301)

8EA Series Alternators
8EA_31_parts_list.pdf (1039K)
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8EA2001FA-8EA2019DB Alternators,
Rev. 5/88
8EA2001FA (110-329) 8EA2002FA (110-331) 8EA2004FA (110-333)
8EA2005KA (110-345) 8EA2006KA (110-346) 8EA2007KA (110-347)
8EA2008KA (110-348) 8EA2009KA (110-349) 8EA2010KA (110-365)
8EA2011NA (110-330) 8EA2012NA (110-367) 8EA2013NA (110-390)
8EA2014FA (110-373) 8EA2015FA (110-375) 8EA2016FA (110-380)
8EA2017NA (110-382) 8EA2018NA (110-383)

8EA Series Alternators
8EA_32_parts_list.pdf (628K)
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8EA2020NA-8EH2001NA Alternators,
Rev. 3/95
8EA2021FA (110-326) 8EA2023NA (110-395) 8EA2024NA
8EA2026FA 8EA3002GA (110-378) 8EA3003GA (110-381)
8EA3004GA (110-396) 8EA3005GA (110-432) 8EH2001NA (110-410)

8EB Series Alternator
8EB_33_parts_list.pdf (1775K)
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8EB2001FA-8EB3001GA Alternators,
Rev. 5/88
8EB2001FA (110-335) 8EB2002FB (110-336) 8EB2003FA (110-337)
8EB2004FA (110-369) 8EB2005KA (110-327) 8EB2006KA (110-352)
8EB2007KA (110-351) 8EB2008NA (110-362) 8EB2009FA (110-398)
8EB3001GA (110-338)

8EK Series Alternators
8EK_34_parts_list.pdf (1060K)
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8EK2001FA-8EL2003FA Alternators,
Rev. 6/89
8EK2001FA (110-363) 8EK2002NA (110-368) 8EK2006FB
8EL2001KA (110-353) 8EL2002NA 8EL2003FA

8EM Series Alternators
8EM_35_parts_list.pdf (1538K)
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8EM2001FA-8EM2025KA Alternators,
Rev. 6/89
8EM2001FA (110-342) 8EM2002FA (110-343) 8EM2003KA
8EM2004KB 8EM2005KA 8EM2005KB
8EM2006KA (110-357) 8EM2007KA (110-358) 8EM2008NA (110-370)
8EM2009NC 8EM2010KA (110-374) 8EM2011NA (110-377)
8EM2012NA 8EM2013NA (110-385) 8EM2014KA (110-386)
8EM2015NA (110-387) 8EM2016KA (110-388) 8EM2017KA (110-389)
8EM2018GA (110-391) 8EM2019FA 8EM2020NA
8EM2020NB 8EM2021KA 8EM2021KB (110-397)
8EM2022FA 8EM2023NA 8EM2025KA (110-356)

8EM-8EN Series Alternators
8EM-8EN_36_parts_list.pdf (1195K)
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8EM3001GA-8EN2005KA Alternators,
Rev. 10/95
8EM3001GA (110-371) 8EM3002GA 8EM3002GB
8EM3002GC 8EM3003GA (110-384) 8EM3004GA
8EN2001FA (110-341) 8EN2002KA (110-359) 8EN2003KA (110-360)
8EN2004KA (110-361)

8HA Series Alternators
8HA_7_parts_list.pdf (1246K)
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8HA2001L-8HR2002L, Rev. 9/88
8HA2003F (310-65) 8HA2005K (110-253) 8HA2006F (110-225)
8HA2008F (110-303) 8HA2009K (110-304)

8HC Series Alternators
8HC_8_parts_list.pdf (1924K)
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Rev. 6/89
8HC2001L (110-109) 8HC2008F (110-239) 8HC2009P
8HC2015L 8HC2021K (110-267) 8HC2023K
8HC2024K (110-312) 8HC2027P 8HC3010G
8HC3017G 8HC3022F 8HC3025F (110-313)
8HC3026G (110-392)

8HC2027P Alternator
8HC2027_8A_parts_list.pdf (365K)
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8HC2027PAS-8HC2027PB alternators
revision 9/96
8HC2027PAS (110-538)

8LHB Series Alternators
8LH_20_parts_list.pdf (641K)
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Rev. 10/88
8HDB3004U (110-322) 8LHB2001Z (110-311) 8LHB2002V (110-321)
8LHB2003U (110-323)

8LHP Service Parts List
SP1001-8LHP_parts_list-web.pdf (862K)
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Service parts list breakdown, iso drawing of major components and technical service bulletin for the hardware kit.
8LHP2170V (110-555P) 8LHP2170VE 8LHP2170VE-J
8LHP2170VF (110-555PHO) 8LHP2170VH 8LHP2172VAH
8LHP2177V (110-777P) 8LHP2245VGH 8LHP2246VAH
8LHP2247V 8LHP2253V (110-566P) 8LHP2276V (110-775P)

8MH Series Alternators
8MH_13_parts_list.pdf (1405K)
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Rev. 1/89
8MH2003K 8MH2008P 8MH3005F

8MR Alternators
8MR_15B_parts_list.pdf (1113K)
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8MR Alternators
8MR3115KA (110-533) 8MR3300G (110-465) 8MR3405G (110-546)

8MR Series Alternators
8MR_15A_parts_list.pdf (699K)
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Rev. 9/95
8MR2021K 8MR2022K 8MR2024F (110-292)
8MR2026P (110-259) 8MR2030T 8MR2033T
8MR2048K (110-272) 8MR2049K (110-271) 8MR2050F (110-270)
8MR2051F (110-269) 8MR2058P (110-307) 8MR2059T (110-310)
8MR2069T (110-402) 8MR2070T (110-403) 8MR2071T (110-411)
8MR2072LS (110-430) 8MR2084KS 8MR2126U
8MR2198LS (110-679) 8MR2199KS (110-656) 8MR2401U (110-534)
8MR3115K (110-451)

8MR Service Parts List
SP1023_8MR_parts_list_web.pdf (2577K)
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Service parts list for 8MR series alternators
8MR2013L (110-487) 8MR2023FA 8MR2026PA (110-523)
8MR2030TC (110-570) 8MR2033TS (110-252) 8MR2035T (110-244)
8MR2048KA (110-512) 8MR2049KA (110-517) 8MR2050FA (110-532)
8MR2051FA (110-515) 8MR2058PA (110-521) 8MR2069TA (110-602)
8MR2070TA (110-603) 8MR2072LA 8MR2084K (110-494)
8MR2085K (110-488) 8MR2086L (110-491) 8MR2087UA
8MR2087UB 8MR2091KS 8MR2092L (110-483)
8MR2093L (110-484) 8MR2118F 8MR2118FA
8MR2119F 8MR2120L 8MR2122UA
8MR2122UB 8MR2122UC 8MR2122UD
8MR2123L 8MR2123LA 8MR2124L
8MR2124LA 8MR2124LB 8MR2127LA
8MR2129L 8MR2130D 8MR2130F
8MR2131F 8MR2131F-NH 8MR2140F
8MR2150L 8MR2151L 8MR2156U
8MR2170F 8MR2171F 8MR2175F (110-699)
8MR2180L 8MR2185L (110-600) 8MR2195T
8MR2195TA 8MR2197T 8MR2198L
8MR2199K 8MR2215D (110-581) 8MR2301LB
8MR2301LC 8MR2301LS (110-464) 8MR2302L (110-485)
8MR2305L (110-589) 8MR2307U (110-560) 8MR2308UB
8MR2308UC 8MR2310T 8MR2311L
8MR2313U (110-643) 8MR2315U (110-605) 8MR2316L (110-646)
8MR2317F 8MR2318L (110-648) 8MR2319L
8MR2321L 8MR2330L (110-612) 8MR2331L
8MR2331LA 8MR2332L 8MR2332LA
8MR2333L 8MR2334U 8MR2340 (110-630RM)
8MR2341 (110-631) 8MR2342 (110-632) 8MR2343 (110-633)
8MR2344 (110-634) 8MR2345 (110-635) 8MR2346 (110-636)
8MR2347 (110-637) 8MR2348 (110-638) 8MR2349 (110-639)
8MR2401UA (110-567) 8MR2402L (110-547) 8MR2405T (110-572)
8MR2405T-NH 8MR2406K (110-604) 8MR2406KA
8MR3005C (110-489) 8MR3005CA (110-518) 8MR3088KA
8MR3088KB 8MR3188K (110-557) 8MR3301G (110-486)
8MR3331G 8MR3404G (110-684)

8SA Series Alternators
8SA_18C_parts_list.pdf (387K)
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Rev. 3/95
8SA2035VAS (110-320) 8SA3064P (110-408) 8SA3064PC (110-413)
8SA3065P (110-409) 8SA3065PC (110-412)

8SA/8LHA Series Alternators
8SA_19_parts_list.pdf (618K)
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Rev. 8/89
8LHA2022R (110-250) 8LHA2024R (110-251) 8LHA2027R (110-278)
8LHA2030R (110-281) 8LHA2063R (110-407) 8SA2016R (110-213)

8SC-SCJ service parts list
SP1017_8SC-SCJ_parts_list-web.pdf (1620K)
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Service parts list for the 8SC-SCJ series alternators.
8SC2020Z (110-563) 8SC2020Z-JD 8SC2023Z (110-565)
8SC2023Z-NHK 8SC2023Z-NHS 8SC2202V-CA
8SC2205V-CA 8SC2209Z 8SC2223V
8SC2223V-K 8SC2223VG 8SC2236
8SC2254VG-MP 8SC2261VG-MP 8SC2282V
8SC2282VG 8SC2285V 8SC2290V
8SC3009ZA (110-258) 8SC3009ZAC 8SC3014U (110-298)
8SC3015U (110-302) 8SC3018VA (110-576) 8SC3019U (110-316)
8SC3029Z (110-569) 8SC3068V 8SC3068VC
8SC3110V (110-568) 8SC3111V 8SC3112V
8SC3127V 8SC3129V 8SC3133U
8SC3157V 8SC3160V (110-431) 8SC3169U
8SC3200V 8SC3207V 8SC3248V
8SC5251V 8SC5369G SCJ2165
SCJ2167 SCJ2216 SCJ2217
SCJ2219 SCJ2221 SCJ2225
SCJ2226 SCJ2227 SCJ2231
SCJ2232 SCJ2233 SCJ2235
SCJ2239 SCJ2287 SCJ3126
SCJ3128 SCJ3147 SCJ3162
SCJ3218 SCJ3291 SCJ3292

8TA Alternators
8TA_22_parts_list.pdf (1749K)
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8TA Alternators
rev 2/97
8TA2003D 8TA2009E 8TA2010E
8TA2011E 8TA2012E 8TA2024D
8TA2028E (110-473) 8TA2028ES (110-232) 8TA2029E (110-414)
8TA2030G (110-458) 8TA2031G (110-475) 8TA2032E (110-551)
8TA2034G (110-552) 8TA3025C 8TA3052C (110-528)

9BB-9FE Series Alternators
9BB-9FE_25_parts_list.pdf (1567K)
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9BB-9FE Alternators, Rev. 7/83
9BB2KA2A01 9BB2KB2A02 9BE2KA2A14
9BE2KB2A06 9BE2KB2A15 9FB2KA2A03
9FB2KB2A04 9FB2KB2A06 9FB2LD2A05
9FB2LD2A07 9FE2KB2A06 9FE2KB2A12

9BE-9GD Series Alternators
9BE-9GD_25A_parts_list.pdf (819K)
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9BE-9GD Alternators, Rev. 5/81
9BE2KA2A21 9BE2KC2A32 9BE2NA2A21
9FE2KA2A11 9FE2KA2A18 9FE2KC2A35
9FE2NA2A19 9FE2NB2A22 9FE2NC2A24
9GD2NA2A25 (110-772)

9BE-9LG Series Alternators
9BE-9LG_25C_parts_list.pdf (702K)
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9BE-9LG Alternators, Rev. 5/84
9BE2KD2A40 9BE2NB2A38 9BE2NE2A41
9FE2ND2A34 9FE2ND2A42 9FE2NE2A33
9FE2NE2A43 9FE2NF2A37 9FE2NF2A44
9FE2NG2A39 9JG2KA2F44 9JG2NB2F45
9JG2ND2F49 9LG2KB2F51 9LG2NB2F50

9DA-9DB Series Alternators
9DA-9DB_27_parts_list.pdf (1091K)
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9DA-9DB Alternators, Rev. 10/95
9DA2JA2B07 (110-741) 9DA2JB2D07 (110-740) 9DA2LA2B07 (110-742)
9DB2KG2B58 9DB2LA2B07 (110-305) 9DB2LE2B58 (110-747)
9DB2LF2B58 (110-747A) 9DB2LG2B58 (110-748) 9DB2LG2B59
9DB2LH2B58 9DB2LJ2B58 9DB2LK2B58

9JG-9LG Series Alternators
9JG-9LG_25D_parts_list.pdf (1116K)
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9JG-9LG Alternators, Rev. 12/82
9JG2KA2F56 (110-764) 9JG2NA2F52 (110-766) 9JG2NB2F53 (110-767)
9JG2ND2F54 (110-769) 9JG2NF2F58 (110-765) 9LG2KB2F57 (110-763)
9LG2NB2F55 (110-768)

A12N, HA12 Series Alternators
A12N_6_parts_list.pdf (1115K)
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A12-800 to HA24N900, Rev. 9/88
A12-800 (110-23) A12-802 (110-80) HA12P600 (110-68)

AC172 Service Parts List
SP4007_AC172RA-TRA_Series.pdf (1788K)
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Service parts list for AC172RA-TRA series alternators
1277640 1277650 1277670
1277680 1277690 1277700
1277710 1277720 1277730
1277740 1277750 1277760
1277810 1277820 1277830
1277840 1277860 1277A640
1277A650 1277A670 1277A680
1277A680SS 1277A690 1277A700
1277A710 1277A720 1277A730
1277A740 1277A750 1277A760
1277A810 1277A820 1277A840
1277A860 1277A870 1277A880
1277A890 860340

AC203RA Service Parts List
SP4008_AC203RA_Series_parts_list.pdf (324K)
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AC203RA Series alternators service parts list
1286000 1286010 1286500
1286510 1286560 1286570
1286580 1286590 1286620
1286630 1286640 1286660
1286670 1286680

AC203RA_parts_list.pdf (Not Currently Available)
Not Currently Available
Service parts list for AC203RA series alternators

AC203RB service parts
SP4015_AC203RB_Series.pdf (1354K)
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Service parts list for AC203RB alternators.
1286B000 1286B760

AVi147 Series parts list
SP4012_AVi147_Series (Not Currently Available)
Not Currently Available
Service parts list for the AVi147 series alternators.
AVI147S3003HD AVI147S3006HD AVI147S3007HD
AVI147S3008HD AVI147S3009HD AVI147S3010HD
AVI147S3012HD AVI147S3016HD AVI147S3019HD
AVI147S3021HD AVI147S3103HD (A147S303) AVI147S3106HD (A147S306)
AVI147S3107HD AVI147S3108HD (A147S308) AVI147S3112HD
AVI147S3116HD (A147S316) AVI147S3119HD (A147S319) AVI147S3122HD (A147S322)
AVI147S3123HD AVI147S3124HD (A147S324)

AVI160 J and Pad mount service parts
SP1029_AVI160J-P_Service_Parts_List_web.pdf (1520K)
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Service parts list for J180 and pad mount AVI160 alternators.
AVI160J2004 (A160204) AVI160J2008 (A160208) AVI160J2011 (A160211)
AVI160J2014 (AVI2800J) AVI160P2003 (A160203) AVI160P2007 (A160207)
AVI160P2009 AVI160P2010 (A160210) AVI160P2012 (AVI2800P)

AVI160T Service Parts List
SP1027_AVI160_parts_list_web.pdf (895K)
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Service parts list for AVI160T series alternators
AVI160T2001 (A160201) AVI160T2001-1 (A160201-1) AVI160T2002 (A160202)
AVI160T2002-2 (A160202-2) AVI160T2002-3 (A160202-3) AVI160T2002N

BLD Service Parts List
SP1006-BLD_parts_list-web.pdf (1099K)
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Service parts list for BLD series alternators
BLD2130GH BLD2192-001 BLD2193-001
BLD2301 (110-801) BLD2301GH BLD2301H
BLD2305 (110-800) BLD2305GH BLD2305H
BLD2307 (110-803) BLD2307GH BLD2307H
BLD2308 (110-804) BLD2308GH BLD2308H
BLD2321 BLD2321GH BLD2329
BLD2330 BLD2331GH BLD2333GH
BLD3194-001 BLD3313 (110-805) BLD3314 (110-806)
BLD3314C BLD3314GH BLD3314HC
BLD3315 BLD3315GH BLD3320

BLD-BLP-parts list
SP1032_BLD-BLP_4000_parts-list_web.pdf (2593K)
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High amp and Idlepro Extreme
BLP4004H BLP4005H BLP4006HN
BLP4007H BLP4009

BLP Service Parts List
SP1002-BLP_parts_list-web.pdf (1155K)
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Service parts list breakdown, iso drawing of major components and a technicla service bulletin for the hardware kit
BLP2131GH BLP2204GH BLP2303 (110-811)
BLP2303GH BLP2303H BLP2306
BLP2306GH (110-810) BLP2309 (110-813) BLP2309GH
BLP2309H BLP2310 (110-814) BLP2310GH
BLP2310H BLP2313GH BLP2318
BLP2319 BLP2328GH (BLP2328GH-ISO) BLP2329GH
BLP2336GH BLP2336H BLP2353GH
BLP2356H BLP2357GH BLP2361H
BLP2362GH BLP2363H BLP3299H
BLP3300GH BLP3300H BLP3300H-1
BLP3300H-2 BLP3312 (110-816) BLP3317
BLP3317A BLP3322 BLP3337H
BLP3337H-P BLP3355H BLP3358GH
BLP3360-MP BLP3384H-MP

BLP4000 Series Service Parts List
SP1032_BLP_4000_parts-list.pdf (Not Currently Available)
Not Currently Available
Service parts list for the BLP4000 series high amp alternators.

LBA Service Parts List
SP1005-LBA_parts_list-web.pdf (845K)
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Service parts list breakdown, iso drawing of major components and technical service bulletin for the hardware kit.
LBA2106 (110-900) LBA2106GH LBA2107 (110-901)
LBA2107GH LBA2108 (110-902) LBA2108GH
LBA2115 (110-573) LBA2116 (110-907) LBA2116GH
LBA2117 (110-908) LBA2117GH LBA2118 (110-903)
LBA2118GH LBA2119 (110-904) LBA2119GH
LBA2120 (110-905) LBA2120GH LBA2124 (110-906)
LBA2124GH LBA2127 LBA2128
LBA2153 (110-921) LBA2195 (110-923) LBA2198MDH
LBA2199MDH LBA2201H LBA2271
LBA2411GH LBA3067

LBP Service Parts List
SP1003-LBP_parts_list-web.pdf (871K)
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Service parts list breakdown, iso drawing of major components and technical service bulletin for the hardware kit.
LBP2132 (110-573P) LBP2176 (110-910) LBP2176GH
LBP2180 (110-912) LBP2180GH LBP2184 (110-913)
LBP2184GH LBP2185 (110-914) LBP2185GH
LBP2186 (110-915) LBP2186GH LBP2187 (110-911)
LBP2187GH LBP2188 (110-917) LBP2188GH
LBP2188H LBP2189 (110-918) LBP2189GH
LBP2190 (110-916) LBP2190GH LBP2190H
LBP2191 LBP2203GH LBP2203H
LBP2224H LBP2243GH LBP2257

MA12 Alternators
MA12_9_parts_list.pdf (633K)
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MA12-A12 Alternators
revision 2/97
8EN2005KA (110-366) MA12-451 (110-72)

MDA-MDP service parts list
SP1018_MDA-MDP_parts_list_web.pdf (1371K)
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SP1018 service parts list for MDA/MDP alternators
MDA2905 MDA2919 MDA2923 (110-874)
MDA2924 (110-875) MDA2931 MDA2932 (110-444)
MDA2934 MDA2945 MDA2947
MDA3920 (110-872) MDA3921 (110-873) MDA3922 (110-876)
MDA3925 (110-877) MDA3927 MDA3928
MDA3929 MDA3946 MDA5909
MDP2933 MDP2934 (110-444P) MDP3938H
MDP3938H-P MDP3939H MDP3939H-P
MDP3940H MDP3941 MDP3941H
MDP3941H-1 MDP3941H-2

MH12-MH24 Series Alternators
MH12-MH24_12_parts_list.pdf (730K)
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MH12-MH24, Rev. 9/88
MH12N601 MH24N901 (110-59) MH24N901G (110-107)

MR Series Alternators
MR_14_parts_list.pdf (555K)
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Rev. 1/89
MR12N451 MR12N451D MR12N550
MR12N550D MR12N600 MR12N600D

Parts list - 1277730, 1277740
1277730_40_partslist.pdf (1149K)
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Parts list breakdown for [Z]1277730 and [Z]1277740 alternators

Refrigeration Alternators Service Parts List
SP4030-US_Refrig-parts-list.pdf (204K)
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Service parts list for refrigeration application alternators
8AR2070KA (110-647) 8AR2169F (110-629) 8HA2003FS (110-159)
8HA2009KA (110-543) 8MA2019KA (110-527) 8MR2324L (110-607)
8MR2325U (110-608) 8MR2327L (110-609) 8MR2328F (110-610)
8MR2329L (110-611) 8SC3017VA (110-575)

Service Parts Breakdown - 8LHA family
SP1004-8LHA_parts_list-web.pdf (1024K)
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Service parts list, drawing and technical bulletin of hardware for the 8LHA alternator family
8LHA2051V 8LHA2053U 8LHA2054U (110-455)
8LHA2054UA (110-579) 8LHA2054UAH 8LHA2054UGH
8LHA2057VA (110-450) 8LHA2057VGH 8LHA2070V
8LHA2070VA 8LHA2070VB (110-555HD) 8LHA2070VBH
8LHA2070VE 8LHA2070VE-J 8LHA2070VF (110-555JHO)
8LHA2070VGH 8LHA2071V (110-555I) 8LHA2071VA (110-555IJHO)
8LHA2072V (110-650) 8LHA2088VA 8LHA2094V
8LHA2094VA 8LHA2095V 8LHA2095V-N
8LHA2096V 8LHA2096VA (110-555N) 8LHA2097V (110-558)
8LHA2098V (110-559) 8LHA2098VA 8LHA2099V (110-553)
8LHA2121V (110-580) 8LHA2134V (110-583) 8LHA2134VB
8LHA2159V (110-584) 8LHA2159VB 8LHA2197MD
8LHA2197MDH 8LHA2241VAH 8LHA2252V (110-566)
8LHA2275V (110-775) 8LHA3064PAC 8LHA3065PAC
8LHA3071P (110-446) 8LHA3073PS 8LHA3086U
8LHA3087U (110-564) 8LHA3089U 8LHA3090U
8LHA3095R (110-466) 8LHA3096U (110-459) 8LHA3096UAH
8LHA3159R (860323) 8LHA3161UA 8LHA3208U

TA12 Series Alternators
TA12_22A_parts_list.pdf (505K)
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TA12N Alternators,
Rev. 10/88
TA12N325 (110-60) TA12N327 (110-96)

Transformer kits-2500-2800 Series Alternators
Transformer_kits-2500-2800_Z_parts_list.pdf (541K)
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Transformer kits for 2500J-2800J
Series Alternators, Rev. 1995
A001090719 (90719)

Transformer Rectifier 2500 Series
trans_rect_parts_list.pdf (1117K)
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2500-2700J Transformer Rectifier Packages
A001090555 (90555)

VLF Series Alternators
vlf2274_parts_list.pdf (614K)
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Units serviced:
VLF2274(001,002), VLF2276(001,002), VLF3278(001,002), VLF3280(001,002)
Rev April 2005
VLF2274 (110-850) VLF2274-001 (110-854) VLF2274-002 (110-855)
VLF2276 (110-851) VLF2276-001 (110-856) VLF2276-002 (110-857)
VLF3278 (110-852) VLF3278-001 (110-858) VLF3278-002 (110-859)
VLF3280 (110-853) VLF3280-001 (110-860) VLF3280-002 (110-861)

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