Alternator Parts Listings

8AL Series Alternators
8AL_5D_parts_list.pdf (514K)
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8AL2046FA-8AL2171K, Rev. 9/95
8AL2046FA (110-529) 8AL2055FA (110-544) 8AL2074FA (110-500)
8AL2080KA (110-497) 8AL2105L (110-770) 8AL2106F (110-275)
8AL2106FA (110-505) 8AL2107K (110-300) 8AL2107KA (110-503)
8AL2108F (110-314) 8AL2108FA (110-504) 8AL2109F (110-317)
8AL2109FA (110-492) 8AL2110F 8AL2110FA
8AL2110FB 8AL2110FC 8AL2110FD
8AL2111F 8AL2111FA 8AL2116FA
8AL2116FB 8AL2171K (110-480)

8AL_5B_parts_list.pdf (1277K)
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REV. 9/88
12N37B 12N51B 8AL2046F
8AL2080K (110-249)

8AR Alternator
8AR_17C_parts_list.pdf (782K)
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8AR Alternator
rev 3/96
8AR2015F (110-474) 8AR2018L (110-683) 8AR2062KA (110-495)
8AR2160F (110-470) 8AR2160FS (110-514)

8AR Series Alternators
8AR_17B_parts_list.pdf (433K)
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Rev. 11/94
8AR2200L (110-460) 8AR2201L (110-461) 8AR2202L (110-463)
8AR3200G (110-462)

8AR Series Alternators
8AR_17_parts_list.pdf (1602K)
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Rev. 11/94
8AR2007 (110-192) 8AR2013L (110-476) 8AR2021K (110-178)
8AR2023K (110-448)

8AR Series Alternators
8AR_17A_parts_list.pdf (1689K)
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Rev. 5/95
8AR2060F (110-262) 8AR2062K (110-263) 8AR2065F
8AR2066F (110-261) 8AR2066FLE 8AR2067L (110-291)
8AR2069F (110-273) 8AR2070K (110-274) 8AR2072F (110-288)
8AR2073F (110-289) 8AR2074F (110-479) 8AR2075F (110-283)
8AR2076K 8AR3080F (110-301)

Refrigeration Alternators Service Parts List
SP4030-US_Refrig-parts-list.pdf (204K)
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Service parts list for refrigeration application alternators
8AR2070KA (110-647) 8AR2169F (110-629) 8HA2003FS (110-159)
8HA2009KA (110-543) 8MA2019KA (110-527) 8MR2324L (110-607)
8MR2325U (110-608) 8MR2327L (110-609) 8MR2328F (110-610)
8MR2329L (110-611) 8SC3017VA (110-575)

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