MS3 Series Starter Motors

Heavy duty pre-engaged starter for engines up to 11 litres. Multiple pinion and nose housing combinations give this product a wide variety of applications.
Item No Sales No Volts kW Status Availability
MS3-300A   24 5.5 Active Available in UK
MS3-500   24 7.5 Active Available in UK
MS3-502   24 7.5 Active Available in UK
MS3-503   24 7.5 Active Available in USAvailable in UK
MS3-504   24 7.5 Active Available in USAvailable in UK
MS3-505   24 7.5 Active Available in UK
MS3-461E   24 5.5 N/A N/A
MS3-501   24 7.5 N/A N/A
MS3-505A   24 7.5 N/A N/A
850799Z   -- -- Discontinued Available in UK
854087Z   -- -- Discontinued N/A
855247Z   -- -- Discontinued N/A
MS3-462A   24 5.5 Discontinued N/A
MS3-465A   24 5.5 Discontinued N/A
850461Z   -- -- Superseded N/A
854082Z   -- -- Superseded N/A
857663Z   -- -- Superseded N/A
MS3-351A   24 5.5 Superseded N/A
MS3-451A   24 5.5 Superseded N/A
MS3-451E   24 5.5 Superseded N/A
MS3-506   24 7.5 Superseded N/A

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