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New Titan™ Series Starters

Prestolite / Leece-Neville is proud to announce the release of the Titan™ series of gear reduced starter motors. The initial release of the Titan™ series will include models in the 101, 105 and 125 mm frame size. The three sizes will provide coverage for the most popular heavy duty diesel engines in 12 volt applications ranging from 6 to 16 liter. The flagship of the new line, the Titan™125, is a 125mm starter that was engineered from the ground up for the largest of these engines.

New! Titan Video Available!

We have created a 5 minute video introducing the Titan range of gear reduced starter motors. The movie is available in formats that will play in either Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime Player.

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In-line gear reduced design

Gear reduced starters provide more power in a package that is considerably smaller and lighter than conventional starters. The in-line design further reduces the space required for the unit, allowing for maximum flexibility with the minimum number of units.

Rotatable nose housing

A rotatable nose housing greatly reduces the number of part numbers that are required to provide complete coverage for your customerís vehicles. Inventory levels can be kept low while keeping customer service at a maximum.

Power, torque and speed

The 8kW Titan™125 is the strongest commercially available 12 volt starter available on the market today. Period. But itís not just torque, modern diesel engines require speed to start. The Titan™125 has been engineered to provide maximum speed at the required torque, to start the toughest engines in the toughest environments.

Electrical soft start

Electrical soft start is the most dependable way to eliminate milling of the ring gear. The soft start design slowly rotates the pinion as the starter is being engaged, ensuring that the pinion is fully engaged with the ring gear before full power is applied.

Integral mag switch relay

The magnetic switch is a necessary component of the electrical soft start capability, it only makes sense to incorporate it onto the starter. This allows for minimal connection wiring, creating maximum dependability. It also allows for simple replacement of any conventional starter motor.

OCP standard

Over crank protection is part of the internal design of the starter, eliminating the external plastic connector that can break or corrode. We set out to create the most dependable starter on the market, so it just made sense to build this feature into each and every unit.

Download the press release here

Titan™ gear reduced starter motors