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New MultiPower™ Alternators

Leece-Neville is proud to announce the release of our new MultiPower™ alternators

Up to 1,080 amps

The MultiPower™ alternator system is a technology that allows for up to (4) 270amp 12 volt alternators to be installed on a single system. The unique feature of this system is a regulator design that allows it to share the dynamic load of the vehicle in perfect balance.

Load sharing between alternatos

In most applications where more than one alternator is installed on a vehicle the total load of the vehicle is not effectively shared between the units. This creates a situation where one of the alternators is supplying its maximum output and the other one is supplying little or none, leading to premature failure of the working alternator. The patent pending design of the MultiPower™ alternators allows for the alternators to constantly monitor total system demand and the output of the other installed alternators, and to dynamically adjust their own output to exactly match the output of all other alternators in that system.

No external control unit is needed

The load sharing capability is integrated into the alternator, no external control unit is required. Only one model 270 amp alternator needs to be stocked, which can then be installed in multiples depending on the demands of that application.

Download the press release here

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