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4000 Series Alternator Re-Design

Our high amperage alternators are being re-designed for tomorrow’s applications!

The leader in high temperature designs

These design improvements will solidify our manufacturing processes and enhance the reliability of the entire line currently rated for applications up to 110°C. Units approved for applications of up to 125°C are under development and will be released later this year.

We can take the heat

The 2007 heavy duty diesel engines are running hotter than ever before. We know that the 2010 EPA requirements are going to drive those under-hood temperatures even higher. We’re going to be ready!

Proven technology

The solid lead frame design, using high temperature avalanche diodes with welded connections is proven technology, and will be incorporated into all existing models. An advanced regulator design will allow for installation in severe high temperature environments of up to 125°C, and will be made available on selected models later this year.

Download the press release here

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